Commonwealth Foundation Internship 2024

Commonwealth Foundation Internship -

The Commonwealth Foundation is an organization that is committed to supporting the development of democracy around the world. They do this by supporting civil society, good governance, and human rights. They offer a number of internship opportunities for individuals who are interested in gaining experience in the field of international development. These internships are an excellent way to learn about the work of the Commonwealth Foundation and to make a difference in the world.

The Commonwealth Foundation is a unique intergovernmental organization that works to develop the capacity of civil society, strengthen good governance and the rule of law, and promote understanding and respect for human rights. It was established in the near past and has members from fifty-four countries around the world. The Foundation’s mission is to support civil society institutions in the Commonwealth through the sharing of expertise, resources, and knowledge. This helps to further the organization’s aim of supporting sustainable development, as well as contributing to human rights, equality, and social inclusion. The Commonwealth Foundation is also active in advancing democracy worldwide.

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Internship Details:

  • Internship Placement: United Kingdom
  • Host: Commonwealth Foundation
  • Education Level: Depends on the Selected Internship
  • Deadline: Different for Each Internship Position

What are the benefits of an internship with the Commonwealth Foundation?

Interning with the Commonwealth Foundation provides the opportunity to learn and develop new skills which are relevant to the future success of civil society initiatives. Interns gain the chance to closely collaborate with experts in the field, giving them the opportunity to network, gather feedback and get advice. The Foundation also provides excellent training, with a focus on capacity building, leadership, and development in a multicultural data-driven environment. Being part of the Commonwealth Foundation also allows interns to get an insight into the organization’s global activities, processes, and projects. In addition to this, the Foundation rewards interns with a stipend for their work and provides them with a platform to explore different areas of international development.

What types of internships are available with the Commonwealth Foundation?

The Commonwealth Foundation offers a variety of internships, from short-term (3 to 6 months) to long-term (up to 12 months) assignments. Depending on the type of internship, the roles can vary from research and analysis to communications and fundraising projects. The Foundation works on a variety of topics such as human rights, equality and social inclusion, and good governance. The internships are based in London, where the Foundation’s headquarters is located. There is also the occasional opportunity to work with their field offices across the Commonwealth.

Applications Process:

The application process for the Foundation’s internships involves creating a profile on their website. Candidates should provide a detailed CV and cover letter outlining their experience and interest in any of the Foundation’s activities. In addition to this, potential candidates will be asked to provide documentary evidence of qualifications such as a degree, professional qualifications, or relevant experience in a particular field. If a candidate fulfills all the criteria for the internship, then they will be contacted by a member of the Foundation’s team for an interview. Hence Click Here to apply online for the paid Internships at Commonwealth Foundation.


Interning with the Commonwealth Foundation is a fantastic way to gain experience in the field of international development. It is a great opportunity to work alongside teams who are actively making a difference in the world. The internships are varied and based on a variety of topics, and are a great way to learn and develop skills that are essential for successful careers in the field of international development. The Foundation also offers a stipend and the chance to network with experts in the field.

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