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FGV Internship

FGV, also known as FGV Holdings Berhad, formerly known as Felda Global Ventures Holdings Berhad, is a leading global agricultural and food company based in Malaysia that offers a wide range of internship opportunities to students. These internships provide students with hands-on experience in their chosen fields and serve as a springboard for their professional growth. This article will delve into the requirements, benefits, and application process for FGV internships, in order to shed light on the valuable opportunities they offer.

To be eligible for FGV internships, applicants must meet certain requirements. Firstly, they must be enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s program offered by FGV or another recognized institution. Additionally, students need to have completed a minimum number of credits, typically ranging from 50% to 70% of their course requirements. These requirements ensure that applicants possess a solid foundation of knowledge and are ready to contribute effectively to their internship positions.

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Internship Details:

  • Internship Placement: Malaysia
  • Host: FGV Holdings Berhad
  • Education Level: Depends on the Selected Internship
  • Deadline: Different for Each Internship Position

Benefits of Doing an Internship at FGV:

Doing internships at FGV offers a plethora of benefits for students. Firstly, it provides them with the opportunity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in classrooms to real-world situations. This hands-on experience helps bridge the gap between academia and the workplace, making students more competent and desirable candidates in the job market.

Internships at FGV also allow students to build a professional network. By working alongside industry professionals and fellow interns, students have the chance to forge meaningful connections that can open doors to future job opportunities. Additionally, FGV’s reputation as a prestigious educational institution lends credibility to interns’ resumes and enhances their professional profiles.

Another major benefit of FGV internships is the opportunity to develop essential skills. Through practical experience, interns can hone their problem-solving, communication, and teamwork capabilities. These skills are highly valued by employers and are essential for success in any career path.

Application Process:

The application process for FGV internships is straightforward. Students must first visit the FGV career portal and browse through the available internships. They can filter the listings based on their interests, preferred location, and duration of the internship.

Once they have identified a suitable internship, applicants need to submit their resumes, academic transcripts, and a motivation letter highlighting their interest in the particular position. It is crucial for applicants to tailor their application materials to showcase their relevant skills and experience.

After the application submission, the selection process typically involves an interview and, in some cases, additional tests or assessments. FGV aims to select candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to their chosen field and possess the potential to contribute effectively to the internships. Hence Click Here to apply for the paid Internships at FGV.


FGV internships provide students with invaluable opportunities for professional growth, enabling them to apply their knowledge, build a network, and develop essential skills. Through a thorough selection process, FGV ensures that interns are well-prepared and can make meaningful contributions to their internships. If you are an aspiring professional looking to gain practical experience and enhance your career prospects, FGV internships are definitely worth exploring. Take the first step towards a successful future by applying for an FGV internship today.

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