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KQED Internship

KQED, a well-known public media organization, offers internship Programs to aspiring professionals seeking hands-on experience in the field of media and broadcasting. These internships provide valuable opportunities for individuals to gain real-world skills, work alongside industry experts, and make meaningful contributions to an organization that is dedicated to informing, engaging, and inspiring the community.

Why are internships at KQED valuable?

Interning at KQED is highly valuable for several reasons. Firstly, it offers interns a chance to work in a professional environment and gain practical experience in their desired field. Whether it be journalism, production, marketing, or any other area of interest, KQED provides a platform for interns to apply their academic knowledge and develop crucial skills.

In addition, KQED is known for its commitment to quality journalism and content creation. By interning with this esteemed organization, interns have the opportunity to work on projects that have a tangible impact on the community. This firsthand experience of producing content that informs and empowers the public is invaluable and sets KQED internships apart from others.

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Internship Details:

  • Internship Placement: United States
  • Host: KQED
  • Education Level: Depends on the Selected Internship
  • Deadline: Different for Each Internship Position

How to stand out as an intern candidate:

The competition for internships at KQED is undoubtedly fierce. However, there are several ways to stand out as a candidate and increase your chances of securing a position. Firstly, it is important to have a strong academic background and relevant coursework. In addition, having prior experience in a related field through volunteering, part-time jobs, or extracurricular activities can significantly strengthen your application.

Furthermore, a unique and compelling cover letter and resume can make all the difference. Tailoring your application materials to highlight your skills, interests, and passion for public media can capture the attention of the selection committee. Additionally, showcasing any relevant projects or work samples can provide evidence of your abilities and dedication.

Application Process:

The application process for KQED internships typically involves submitting an online application, which includes a resume, cover letter, and any required additional materials. It is crucial to read the internship descriptions carefully and make sure to address the specific requirements and qualifications in your application materials.

Once the application period is closed, the selection committee reviews the submitted applications and shortlists candidates for interviews. The interview process may include phone or video interviews to assess the candidate’s skills, suitability, and cultural fit within the organization. Successful candidates may then be offered an internship position, contingent upon the successful completion of background checks and paperwork. Hence Click Here to land on the Official Website of KQED for further details.

What to expect as a KQED intern:

As a KQED intern, you can expect a dynamic and engaging experience. Interns are treated as valuable members of the team and given real responsibilities from day one. Whether it is assisting in production, conducting research, or contributing to social media campaigns, interns have the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to KQED’s various projects.

Additionally, interns at KQED have access to valuable mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals in the industry. They have the opportunity to learn and grow alongside seasoned journalists, producers, and broadcasters, who can provide valuable insights and networking opportunities.

The benefits of interning at KQED:

Interning at KQED offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the immediate internship experience. Firstly, interning at a renowned organization like KQED adds significant credibility to one’s resume and can open doors to future career opportunities. The skills and experience gained during the internship can serve as a strong foundation for a successful career in media and broadcasting.

Moreover, KQED interns often form lasting relationships and connections with professionals in the industry. These connections can be instrumental in securing future jobs or collaborations. Additionally, interning at KQED offers exposure to a diverse and inclusive work environment, fostering cultural understanding and promoting professional growth.


Internships at KQED provide an excellent opportunity for individuals passionate about media and broadcasting to gain invaluable experience, skills, and connections in the industry. The rigorous application process and competitive nature of the internships make it important for candidates to stand out and present themselves as strong candidates.

The benefits of interning at KQED extend beyond the immediate internship experience and can have a lasting impact on one’s career trajectory. From working on impactful projects to receiving mentorship from industry professionals, KQED internships offer a truly unique and enriching experience.

In conclusion, if you aspire to pursue a career in media and broadcasting, interning at KQED is an unparalleled opportunity to turn your passion into a reality.

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