Portland State University Internships 2024

Portland State University Internship

Portland State University offers a comprehensive internship program that provides students with real-world experience in various fields. Through partnerships with local businesses and organizations, Portland State University PSU internships offer students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in their chosen career path before graduation. Whether you are looking to explore a new area of study or enhance your current skills, Portland State University PSU’s internship program offers a diverse range of opportunities for students to gain practical knowledge in their fields. Read on for an overview of Portland State University’s internship program and how it can benefit your future career.

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Internship Details:

  • Internship Placement: United States
  • Host: Portland State University
  • Education Level: Depends on the Selected Internship
  • Deadline: Different for Each Internship Position

The Benefits of an Internship for Students and Employers:

Internships are beneficial for both students and employers alike. Here are some of the ways an internship can be advantageous:

For Students:

  1. Gain Real-World Experience – One of the primary benefits of an internship is the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in your chosen field. It allows you to apply what you’ve learned in the classroom to real-life situations, providing you with invaluable practical knowledge.
  2. Networking Opportunities – Internships allow you to connect with professionals in your field, which can lead to valuable networking opportunities. This can help you to secure future job offers and build a professional network.
  3. Skill Development – An internship provides you with the opportunity to develop or enhance your skills. You’ll learn new techniques, software, and technologies used in the industry.
  4. Potential for Hire – If you impress your employer during your internship, you may be offered a full-time position after graduation.

For Employers:

  1. Access to Talent – Internships provide employers with access to a pool of talented students who are eager to learn and contribute. They have knowledge of the latest technologies and techniques used in their field.
  2. Recruitment Tool – Employers use internships as a recruitment tool. It provides them the opportunity to evaluate the student’s performance practically. If they perform well, it becomes easy for the employer to offer them a full-time job offer after graduation.
  3. Cost-effective – An internship can be a cost-effective way of getting work done. They are paid less than a full-time employee and usually only work for a few months.
  4. Fresh Perspective – Internships offer employers a fresh perspective on their business. Interns often bring new ideas, approaches, and perspectives that can help a company grow and innovate.

In conclusion, internships are a valuable investment for both students and employers. The hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and skill development offered by internships can help students secure future job offers, while employers can gain access to talented individuals and new ideas.

Top Industries Hiring Portland State University PSU Interns:

Portland State University offers internships in various industries and fields. Here are the top industries hiring PSU interns:

  1. Technology – The technology industry offers a vast range of internships in areas such as software development, cyber security, and IT support. PSU students who have completed coursework in computer science, engineering, or related fields have great opportunities to intern at companies such as Intel, Microsoft, and Amazon.
  2. Healthcare – Students pursuing degrees in healthcare-related fields such as nursing or health sciences can find internships in hospitals, clinics, or healthcare facilities. Portland State University PSU partners with organizations such as Legacy Health, Kaiser Permanente, and Providence Health to offer students hands-on experience.
  3. Non-profit – Non-profit organizations offer internships in areas such as community outreach, fundraising, and event planning. Portland State University PSU students interested in social justice, activism, or advocacy can intern at organizations such as the Oregon Food Bank, ACLU of Oregon, and Mercy Corps.

Interning in any of these industries allows Portland State University PSU students to apply their academic knowledge to real-world scenarios. The benefits of internships in gaining hands-on experience, networking, and developing new skills, make them a valuable asset to add to a resume. However, Portland State University PSU encourages students to pursue internships, and the University has a dedicated Career Center to help students find the best fit for their career goals.

PSU Career Center Support and Resources for Interns:

Portland State University PSU offers a range of resources and support for students seeking jobs through the career center. Here are some of the top resources available:

  1. Career Advising – Career advisors can help you explore your career interests, identify potential career paths, and create a plan to achieve your goals. They can also provide guidance on resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and other job search skills.
  2. Job and Internship Postings – The Portland State University career center offers online listings of jobs and internship opportunities, including positions at local companies and organizations. Students can search by keyword, industry, and other criteria to find relevant postings.
  3. Career Fairs and Networking Events – Portland State University PSU hosts a number of career fairs and networking events throughout the year, where students can meet with employers and learn about job opportunities in their field.
  4. Professional Development Workshops – The career center offers workshops on a variety of career-related topics, including job search strategies, networking, and personal branding. These workshops can help students develop the skills and knowledge necessary for success in the workplace.
  5. Internship Scholarships – Portland State University PSU offers a number of scholarships to support students pursuing internships, including the Career Connections Internship Scholarship and the Maher Family Scholarship for Internships.

By taking advantage of these resources, Portland State University PSU students can enhance their internship search and maximize their chances of securing a valuable and rewarding internship experience. The career center is committed to supporting students throughout the internship process, from the initial search to securing the internship to getting the most out of the experience.

PSU’s Commitment to Providing Valuable Internship Experiences:

At Portland State University, providing valuable internship experiences is a top priority. PSU’s commitment to its students is demonstrated by the amount of support it offers to those seeking internships. Here are some ways PSU’s commitment to internships benefits its students:

  1. Access to internships – PSU students have access to a wide variety of internships, thanks to partnerships with organizations across industries. PSU’s Career Center also provides valuable resources to help students identify and apply for internships that align with their interests and career goals.
  2. Professional development – Portland State University PSU recognizes the importance of professional development for its students. Internships offer opportunities for students to develop their skills and knowledge in real-world settings. PSU offers workshops and training programs to help students prepare for their internships and make the most of their experiences.
  3. Networking opportunities – Internships provide students with opportunities to build their professional networks and make connections in their chosen industries. PSU’s Career Center also hosts events and fairs to connect students with potential employers and professionals in their fields of interest.
  4. Support throughout the internship process – PSU recognizes that internships can be challenging and provides students with support throughout the process. This includes guidance on preparing for interviews, negotiating job offers, and navigating workplace dynamics.

Overall, Portland State University PSU’s commitment to providing valuable internship experiences is evident in the support and resources it offers to its students. These experiences are invaluable in preparing students for their future careers and setting them up for success in the workforce.

Application Process:

If you are a Portland State University PSU student searching for internship opportunities, there are a few key steps you should follow to maximize your chances of success. Here are some tips for applying for and securing an internship through Portland State University PSU:

  1. Research – Start by researching potential internships in your field of interest. Portland State University PSU has a career center that can help you find internship postings, as well as job and career fairs. Don’t limit your search to PSU-based opportunities either; you can explore internship options at other companies in the Portland area.
  2. Prepare Your Resume and Cover Letter – Your application materials should be polished and professional. Make sure your resume highlights relevant skills and experience and your cover letter expresses your enthusiasm and interest in the industry or company.
  3. Apply early and often – Many internships have early deadlines, so start applying as soon as you become aware of an opportunity. It’s also essential to apply to multiple opportunities to increase your chances of success.
  4. Interview Preparation – If you receive an interview, make sure you prepare properly. Research the company and review the job duties and requirements. Be ready to answer common interview questions and identify examples of relevant experience or skills you have.
  5. Secure the Internship – After the interview, send a thank-you note to the interviewer(s) and follow up on the status of your application. If you receive an offer, review the terms and responsibilities, and if it aligns with your goals, accept the offer and prepare for your internship.

Apply Online:

By following these steps, you can increase your chances of securing a valuable and exciting internship experience through Portland State University PSU. Internships provide opportunities to gain industry contacts, learn about different career paths, and get hands-on experience that can be helpful in achieving your long-term career goals. So, don’t hesitate to take advantage of all the resources Portland State University PSU offers to help you find and secure the internship of your choice. Hence Click Here to apply online for an Internship at Portland State University.


In conclusion, choosing to participate in Portland State University’s internship program is an excellent decision for any student looking to gain valuable experience and prepare themselves for their future career. Hence PSU’s commitment to providing its students with valuable internship experiences is evident through the variety of resources and support it offers. From access to a wide range of internships to professional development workshops and networking opportunities, Portland State University PSU’s internship program provides students with the skills and connections they need to succeed in their chosen industries.

Furthermore, with support throughout the internship process, students can feel confident in navigating and making the most of their experiences. The connections made during an internship can also lead to future job opportunities and career growth.

In short, by taking advantage of the opportunities available through Portland State University PSU’s internship program, students can gain invaluable professional skills, make important connections, and set themselves up for success in their future careers.

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